Driven by the power of media to inspire change, Dinushi is a journalist and producer regularly involved in social projects including co-producing Daughter, a short film raising awareness about victim-blaming and gendered violence. 

She attended the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is the founder and executive producer of We Love It Productions.

As a senior journalist for StartupSmartshe launched its first podcast series ‘The Audacity to Fail‘ featuring guests like Shark Tank investors Janine Allis and Steve Baxter, and ‘Starting Change’, now on iTunes, to encourage the creation of profit with purpose across the business sector.

Key services: Video / audio series production | Public relations support | Project management | Acting, presenting and voice-overs for TV, film and corporate video

What’s on this year:

2015 Memorable Moments:

  • Pitched The Social Hub to investors on behalf of YGAP as project team member
  • Hosted Made In Melbourne session and interviewed winning film cast and crew (Prod. Nexus Production Group | Venue. The Backlot Studios)

2014 Memorable Moments:

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The Professional Storyteller | Video & Content Producer | Journalist | Presenter